Cartoon and Illustration

Come see me, Geek Out!

This coming Saturday will be my first convention of the 2013 year.  It’s Geek Out, being held at the Sherrill Center of UNC-Asheville, and will run from 10 am to–well, when everyone leaves, I guess (that’s how conventions work).

Geek Out is yet another attempt to revive what appears to be an ailing fan base in the Asheville area.  4 years ago a show called Fanaticon started to much fanfare and with an incredible attendance at the Asheville Art Museum.  However, few retailers and few guest artists seem to have made any money.  The second year we all hoped for better–unfortunately it was much the same scene.  Then last year the backers of Fanaticon decided that they would be better off not trying again, and a handful of fans tried to take the Asheville fan scene to the streets (literally) with a sort of “walking tour” of fannish type places.  Apparently that didn’t go so well either.

My personal opinion of the problem with Asheville shows is that people keep trying to make them “happenings”.  That is, they aren’t so much comic conventions in the typical sense of, “come here and spend money.”  They are more like “comic-ins”, where people show up in costume and listen to loud music and expect to be given things for free.

We’ll have to see if the zeitgeist this coming Saturday is any different.  But if you’re in the area and want to come out and support my efforts, I’ll be glad to see you there.  I’ll be peddling my usual wares.

Meantime I’ve got work to do.  Two comic books to draw!