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Small observation today–mowing compared to inking

A small observation came to me today as I was doing some lawn work:

Inking a comic book and mowing the lawn are similar in that you can’t expect to do a good job with just one tool.

Just as I need to use a riding mower to cut huge areas of lawn, I need to know how to use a brush for large areas of black on my pages.

In the same way that I sometimes need to use a walk-behind (or “push”) mower I need a flexible pen for many of the more spontaneous lines.

And finally, I use a string trimmer for tight areas, and I use fine pen points for small details.

I know this won’t be a huge¬†philosophical break through in most people’s minds. ¬†Most people could care less about inking comic book pages–then again most people probably don’t give much thought to mowing their lawns.

My point is that not every tool is right for every job, or even every part of a single job.