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Heroes Convention 2016 Passes by…

Long story short, I missed Heroes Convention 2016 completely.  This is a real shame for me, as that show is like a summer-time Christmas celebration / family reunion for me in many ways.

I look forward to being there all year long.   I begin dreaming of it around February of each year, and have attended the show nearly every year that it has been in existence (up until now, only missing it because I was in Illinois the summer of 1988, busy with preparations for my upcoming wedding).

In fact, last year, my brothers were kind enough to send me off to Heroes in spite of the fact that our Mother had just passed on the day before the show opened!  (I had to cut the event short and return home in time for the funeral and interment, but they understood that going there would take my mind off the sadness for a little while).

But this year it was different.  I caught a nasty little virus which began bothering me on Tuesday, and by Thursday sent me to the Urgent Care Center.  They tested for Strep and Flu, but found neither of those.  However, the infection was so acute that they were afraid (in my present condition of recovery from Idiopathic Aplastic Anemia, and still undergoing immune suppression therapy) that I might develop pneumonia.

They gave me a round of antibiotics to prevent that secondary infection, and I went home to bed.  I finally began to feel a bit more energy on Sunday, but by then it was way too late to even put in an appearance in Charlotte.

So I missed it.

Imagine me as Linus, who neither met “The Great Pumpkin” nor got to go out for “Trick or Treats” and you’ll have some idea of what my mood is today.  Of course I’m not seven–so I’m a bit more stoic than Master Van Pelt was…but that’s me on the inside.

Still, I’m pretty beat.  Haven’t got a lot of work done today.  Answered a lot of emails that had backed up while I was ill, did some preliminary work in Photoshop, did a bit of organizing of the Chester Gould Reference Morgue.  But I’ve about had it already.

I should go back to bed.  I can mope when I feel all the way better.

Anyway, for those of you who stopped by my table looking for me, thanks.  To those of you who sent your well-wishes, those are much appreciated.  To the one man who came by to get a copy of Tales from Neverland signed, thank you, I’ll be happy to do that some other time (and thanks for the encouragement).

To all my old friends who were there, I really missed you.  Literally dreamt of being there with you all.  Such is my mania.

Lord willing I’ll be in perfect health for Rob-Con in Bristol, TN on July 30-31.  If you’re in the neighborhood come on by and see me there.



One thought on “Heroes Convention 2016 Passes by…

  1. Cris says:

    So sorry! But your health always comes first. I don’t know much about the Heroes convention but hopefully there will be one next year and you’ll be able to go!

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