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Don’t know why I imagined this was going to be easy

So, where have I been?  Well, mostly in bed for the past week.

Let me back up.  Around about last Friday I started having some “typical secondary symptoms” (a rash) that often accompany immuno suppression therapy.  No big deal, right?  Talked to the doctors at Duke, they said take some Benedryl and Tylenol and stay alert for any other symptoms.  No big deal.

Which was fine.  That is until around 6 am on Sunday morning when I began having chills and a fever, which precipitated a trip to the ER in a snowstorm.  Again, seemed like no big deal.  The ER docs were great and they quickly diagnosed the problem as not a reaction to the therapy but rather a case of Strep.  So they gave me IV antibiotics and sent me home with a prescription for 10 days Doxy-cycline.  Yeah great, whatever.

The problem is that this wasn’t Strep throat, it was more like Strep everything.  I itched, and my digestion has been off…i.e. pains all the way through.  No major upheavals, just pains and pricks of pain.  The feeling that all my sphincters are off-synch, and a major case of heart burn–for which I can’t take anything, because the antibiotic cannot be taken with anything like that (not to mention 800 major interactions with the immuno-suppression drug).

Also the oral antibiotic was NOT well tolerated.  I barfed up the first dose.  After that I have had to take it with food.

The ER release form said that I shouldn’t try to do anything for a couple of days–strict bed rest.  So I figured I’d be back in the studio by Wednesday.  Well, it’s Friday today and I only just dragged myself in here today and that’s only because I had to do some county tax forms before the day was out or else face a penalty.  (BTW this is my alibi if I did them wrong–just finished them up a while ago, Karin’s going to stick them in the mail tonight so they’ll be postmarked on time).  (For all you techies asking, “Why not do them online?  Because the price of two stamps is still less than the $14.95 per form online listing fee our county wants!)

Anyway, no deep thoughts today.  Not asking for a pity party either.  Just letting everyone know that the reason nobody has heard from me much this week is that I’ve been trying to survive.  Just getting by.

I’m very much reminded of when I was 11-12 years old.  I really was a sickly kid.  I had nothing at that point with which to compare things to.  Now, having lived a good portion of my life in a reasonable state of health I find that this present state is kind of a drag and look forward to being well again soon.  The docs tell me 3-6 months is the expected amount of time the immuno-suppression therapy takes to get the average body back on track.  I’m hoping that it’s closer to 3 because I don’t think I can take 6 months of trips to the ER and a week off for every little infection that blows my way.

Looking ahead.  The weather seems to be turning a bit warmer for a few days.  It’s my understanding that for the next few days we’re supposed to have a thaw with spring-like temperatures here.  I hope I can get out and walk around a bit in that.  Just a bit.  Just to clear my head of the cabin fever.  I’ve been sitting at home too long.

I also hope to get some drawing done.  It’s been too long since I did any actual drawing.  Need to draw.  Think I’ll do that now.


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