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Bela Lugosi I ain’t

Yesterday was my second transfusion.  Well, technically I believe it was my sixth, if you count each full unit of blood.  So the “first” transfusion was actually four, and this “second” was actually two.

I made a number of Bela Lugosi jokes through the process.  Morbid humor, yeah, well maybe.  But what else can one do?

The process is pretty easy all things considered, but I am looking forward to getting my body back to normal.

By normal I mean the following.  I’ve also got a cold.  Until yesterday I was not really able to fight the cold.  As soon as the transfusion was over my body actually began fighting it:  blowing my nose like it really counted for something, coughing properly, etc.  It’s rough when you have to come up in strength to fight off a cold.

I feel a lot better today.  I got up and had breakfast at a decent hour.  I made the choice to go back to bed because of the benadryl I took to help with the cold.  But it was a choice I made–it was not forced on me by utter exhaustion.  So progress was made.  I can stand up without the rushing of blood in my ears.  Crossed highway without feeling dizzy or faint.

I actually did some work today.  Not much.  Some minor corrections to some artwork for a client, but seeing as that the old ink pen hasn’t been used since late October I’m pleased that I was able to do even that.  Answered some emails and am writing this.

My eyes are much improved.  That alone is worth having to sit in the infusion chair for 9 hours yesterday.  (It shouldn’t have taken that long, but there were some complications along the way.  No biggies, but there were difficulties getting typed and cross-matched from the blood bank–better that they get such things right than have a poor match and have me suffer from a reaction).

Anyway, thought I’d let everyone know that things are going well.  I was pretty run down for a while there, but much better now.  My trip to Duke is in the offing and so all that should be settled soon–hopefully this second transfusion was the last one I’ll have to have.  Once they figure out a course of treatment to correct the source problem transfusions won’t be necessary for me any more.  As it is, my hematologist  has me scheduled for follow up visits to his offices through the end of January and then no more–so everything seems to be in order.  Spring is just around the corner.

Going to prepare for the New Year now.  My best wishes and prayers for you all regarding the same.




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