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Without giving away too much…

Feeling pretty good today.  I think it’s because I’ve been eating more red meat.

Yeah, I know that’s not politically correct to say, but when you’re suffering from acute anemia politics is not an issue now is it?

But seriously, the docs have now officially cleared me of all the big illnesses and simply want to figure out what picayune little nasty has my body acting up and not producing red-blood cells the way it’s supposed to.

So I’m going to Duke Medical Center in Durham, NC at the beginning of January.  Just a day-trip this time.  In and out.  Fill out some paperwork, lab-work, meet the doctor, then back home.  At least that’s what I understand from talking to my hematologist’s office today.  The official paperwork is supposed to be in the mail.

Christmas is NOT cancelled.  Neither is Cherokee Christmas Con.  I may not be able to hang out at the table all day, but as the table is paid for I’m planning to go ahead and set it up for freebies and promotions.  Maybe put out a commission sign up sheet and see how I do.

(It would be a real kick in the pants if I do better at a show that I’m not even at my table for, wouldn’t it?)

Anyway, again, thanks everyone who’s been praying for me.  It’s been really helpful just knowing you’re out there asking the Lord for His mercy on my behalf.  If you aren’t the praying sort, you know what?  I thank you for your concern and support too–I feel bad for you–but thanks.  I’m glad to have you as friends as well.

If you’re in Cherokee this weekend, come on by the show.  I may be at the table–may not.  Can’t say.  (If you have a kid who’s got a cold or runny nose I’m supposed to keep my distance.  Sorry.  Doctor’s orders.)

That’s about it.


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