Cartoon and Illustration

It’s not Leukemia

That’s mostly what the doctor has had to say so far.  They aren’t certain what is causing my anemia, but we’ve ruled out Leukemia so far.

Which means there’s time.  Leukemia is an aggressive cancer and if I had that I would probably have been whisked off to another hospital without even a chance to go back home for fresh underwear.

As it is we’ve got time to investigate what’s going on.  It’s sort of like “Calculatus Elemenatus” from Cat In The Hat.  The doctors look at my bone marrow and blood and keep looking for stuff that it isn’t before narrowing in on what it actually is.

So good news is good news.

It’s still frustrating–still have to deal with fatigue, recurring headache, and some vision issues.  But we aren’t freaking out.

Life goes on.  I even dealt with the South Carolina Department of Revenue yesterday–who decided to assess me for $1845.12 in sales taxes for some reason while I was in the hospital!  Go figure, I don’t even live or work in SC.  I think it’s handled, should know by next week.

Today I got a notice that my Photoshop CS3 license was expired and that I had to “uninstall/reinstall” in order to get it to work.  Did I panic?  No!  I simply restarted in safe mode, ran a fsck check and rebooted.  Normally I’d have been pulling my hair out.

So people must be praying for me.  Otherwise I’d be a mess.

Thank you everyone who’s been praying for me.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this earlier–everyone who donated blood, whoever you are, thank you.  I would likely not be typing this right now if you had not donated your blood to the Red Cross blood bank!  You are true heroes for doing so.


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