Cartoon and Illustration

Post-modern problems…

One of the problems of living in post-modern America is that one is expected to ACT like a Christian, but THINK like a Pagan.

That is, go to work for almost any retail business and you will be told you should not steal from the company. But don’t dare say, “Thou shalt not steal”.

You’ll also have a guidebook full of information on not sexually harassing either customer or co-worker. But you are not allowed to say, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

You are to treat everyone above you with due respect. But are not allowed to say “Honor your Father and your Mother.”

The list goes on.

The company has to waste a lot of time and energy establishing a code of ethical conduct for employees that is easily surpassed by the Biblical code of morality. And the thing about it is, the management knows this. When they’re hiring they’re looking at that potential employee and asking questions about their beliefs–but they can’t say any of that out loud!

Why? Because Christianity has been marginalized as being “politically incorrect”.

Utter nonsense. The First Amendment is in the Bill of Rights and begins with a statement about the right to freely practice religion. Yet this idea has been twisted around by the notion that it’s only “tolerant” to keep one’s mouth shut and one’s religion to one’s self.

Again, utter nonsense.


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