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How Thom Tillis won the debate, before it even began…

Some of you may have watched the debate between NC challenger, Thom Tillis and present Senator, Kay Hagan, last night. I’m not going to pretend I did. I was at a meeting last night, while my wife stayed home and watched it.

But none of the stuff I’m going to say in here is “hearsay”, because I’m not going to address any of that stuff.

It’s clear to me that if you support more statist, elitist, leftist dogma, then you’re likely going to support Ms. Hagan as she is clearly on the side of Mr. Obama and supports abortion on demand as well as gay marriage.

Whereas Thom Tillis is pro-life and supports a traditional view on marriage and any number of other issues that, as a person of the Christian faith, I also hold.

But what Mr. Tillis did yesterday was a complete (and pleasant) shock to me. You see he wrote me back a personal e-mail–within hours of me writing him–even though he was preparing for the debate!

You may recall that in an earlier blog I pointed out that in the past 6 years I have never gotten a proper reply from Mr. Hagan’s office (With the exception of sarcastic comments from her staff, form letters automatically generated from her office and then follow up notes months later that only vaguely addressed the issues that I contacted her about originally, I have gotten no actual replies at all).

I wrote Speaker Tillis on Monday concerning the fact that I believe that he needed to defend the North Carolina Marriage Amendment in spite of our State Attorney abandoning it. By that afternoon Mr. Tillis had a press conference saying he would do just that.

On Tuesday morning I wrote Mr. Tillis’ office to thank him for doing that.

Within an hour one of Mr. Tillis’ staff had responded with a note to let me know that Mr. Tillis was glad to hear from me.

I thought, “well that’s nice–guess that’s the last I’ll hear from them.”

Wrong. Within 4 hours, Mr. Tillis had responded to me with a personal note, which included a copy of his joint press statement (along with NC Senate President Pro Tempore, Phil Berger).

Do you see the difference here? It’s not just that I happen to agree with his position on the issue, it’s that he bothered to respond to me personally and about the actual issue that concerned me–within hours!

Kay Hagan has not been able to respond to my concerns within 6 YEARS! Mr. Tillis responded within HOURS. I believe this speaks well of the measure of the character of Speaker Tillis–and speaks very poorly of Ms. Hagan.

So, if you are among the undecided (I keep reading it’s around 9%), let this piece of personal experience guide you. Mr. Tillis cares about the individual voter, while Ms. Hagan (and her office) have demonstrated nothing but contempt during 6 years in Washington.

If you are thinking of voting for an independent candidate, I ask you to reconsider this move. It’s not that I don’t respect many of those who are running as independents–but it’s obvious at this point that the chances of those persons winning are mathematically impossible–whereas a switch of your vote from an independent conservative candidate to Mr. Tillis would easily put him over the top and defeat Ms. Hagan.

I truly believe that Mr. Tillis will represent the people of North Carolina in Washington–something that Ms. Hagan has not done during her time in the Senate.


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