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What I’d like to tell Kay Hagan…

Don’t let the headline fool you, I’m not going to unload a bunch of vituperation on Kay Hagan. Rather, simply responding to her recent ad campaign that is taunting her opponent with the line “What would you tell Tom Tillis?”

Ironic her choice in this particular tactic, considering that in the past five years I have been communicating with her office (sometimes several times a week) she has not shown a bit of concern for MY opinions on any matter addressed.

You got that right, not one.

Early on during her time in office I made several phone calls to her on Capitol Hill (not an easy thing for me to do, I don’t do phone calls well in most cases, and certainly had a lot on my mind to take that step of calling the offices of any Senator). Of course I never spoke to her directly, but the response from her staff to my opinions was either disgusted or sarcastic: “Are you sure you want me to tell her that?”

My calls were not angry or vituperative–simply the sincere concerns of one of her constituents. After a few exchanges of these sarcastic comments on the part of her aides I decided that perhaps emails were the better means of communication with the Senator’s office.

So from that time onward I communicated primarily by means of email. Perhaps a fax message on the eve of a close vote, but mostly emails.

Her office’s response has typically been something to the effect of:

“Thank you for writing my offices. As we have so much to do right now we will get back to you at our earliest convenience. Etc, etc. (Oh, and we’re signing you up for our electronic newsletter).”

Six months later I’d get a form letter that appeared to have been generated using one key-word that had the vaguest connection to my specific complaint or request.

Like I’d complain that the Senate still hadn’t moved forward on the Federal Budget–and I’d get back a response about her office taking “tax-payers issues” very seriously.

Admittedly, the Senator has never tried to argue with me personally–but then again, in all the letters I’ve sent no response from her office has never once addressed the actual subject of ANY of those views–not even close!

So when she debated Tom Tillis recently it seems some were surprised that she wouldn’t respond to any of the direct questions offered, but rather repeated various talking points she had already covered–only vaguely related to the subject at hand.

No surprise to me. She’s been doing this to me for 5 years.

So, what I have to say to Mr. Tillis: “You’ve got my vote!”

As for Ms. Hagan: “I promised you I would do all I could to see you voted out of office. I’m now making good on that promise.”