Cartoon and Illustration

Religions all the same? Not so.

Today I’m going to briefly address a topic that’s been on my mind all week–that is, the difference between Christianity and all other religions.

Stated as succinctly as possible, Christianity is not, primarily, a moral system. All other religions (even atheism) are simply moral systems. That is to say, adherents of all other religions have a set of rules they attempt to live by, even if the only rule (in the case of atheists) is to not believe in God.

The problem with moral systems is that we human beings can’t live up to them. Even when we attempt to rid ourselves of a set of moral rules we find ourselves stymied by the inability to live up to even the most base set of standards.

Christianity recognizes this inability on the part of mere humans. This is why God sent a Savior–to live a perfect life and apply His perfection to those who believe in Him.

It’s as simple as that.

I’ve heard many people state that because there are similarities in various moral codes that ALL religions are the same. But this isn’t so–at least not for true Christianity. That’s why the Apostles referred to it as the “true religion”. Religion does not mean pulling one’s self up by the bootstraps–it means putting all reliance upon the Savior.

Does this mean utter rejection of a moral code? Not at all! When Christ becomes master, then He begins to change His followers so that they begin to embrace true moral law. As fallen human beings we’ll still stumble and fail, but the change begins with Christ moving His people toward perfection in the life to come.

It’s sad that so many reject this. But it’s fantastic that so many have come to understand. So pray for the former and rejoice in the latter!


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