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I’m disappointed too…

Recently someone posted on FB that they were “very disappointed” with my wife for taking a traditional Christian view on a present hot-button topic.

Well, frankly, I’m disappointed in the other person. The fact is, I’m disappointed whenever someone else does not agree with my own understanding on any topic. But that’s life in a fallen world. You’re disappointed, I’m disappointed.

Now that we’ve leveled the emotional playing field, as it were, maybe we can discuss a few points in a more or less logical manner.

For example, I’m disappointed when someone’s nominal “commitment to diversity” is not big enough to accept my attempts to honor Christian morality. (At least not without attempting to redefine all the terms in such a way as to neuter the actual meaning of Christ’s teachings).

I’m disappointed when someone tells me that they can’t respect those beliefs because I fall short of perfect application of those beliefs. Sorry, but that’s a non-argument because Christianity acknowledges that I am going to fall short of perfection–that’s why the Savior had to die for the sins of His people.

I’m disappointed when someone feels the need to lump Christianity in with some other world-view (usually overtly violent in nature) in an attempt to argue them both away. Seriously? What do you really have to fear from a man who’s doing his best NOT to steal your property, pervert your children, or take your life?

So, yeah, I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed that there are so many people out in the world who have the education necessary to get on the web and throw a lot of guff around–but have never truly considered their point of view in any serious way.

In the past it was mocked when someone would post “Me Too” in a chat room. Such people were called “brain dead”. Now it’s de rigueur to do pretty much the same thing–so long as what one is posting is in line with “politically correct” thought.

I’m not disappointed that the SCOTUS recently has actually ruled in favor of people of faith’s rights under the First Amendment and against administrative overreach (it’s about time). But it’s a drag that some people can’t see those for the victories they are for us all. Seems that they are too addicted to the cult of personality, or mislead by the liberal press, or both. So sad.

I’m going to have to pray for us all. That I’ll get over my disappointment, and that they will get over their misunderstandings.


3 thoughts on “I’m disappointed too…

  1. Beautifully written! I am in agreement with you. I always say there is only life in absolute truth…..and that means nothing watered down,
    pc, or altered to fit any agenda! Thank you for sharing. ~Blessings~

  2. Rick Davis says:

    Well written, I am often disappointed but I look for ways to love anyway as I know you do also. Keep loving, keep teaching, make disciples wherever possible by building relationships that will let Christ’s love shine upon those who you walk with.

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