Cartoon and Illustration

Updates–quickly, then back to work!

So I had a great time at Marble City Comic-Con this past weekend.  Got to sit beside Gil Gerard (TV’s Buck Rogers) all weekend–which was a pleasant experience.  He’s a nice guy–

Also found a way to make money at conventions again–I gave stuff away.  Not kidding.  I made more money giving stuff away and taking donations than I have made in the past couple of years selling stuff.  So that’s my new business model.  I’m not saying I didn’t sell anything, but my approach was, “Can I interest you in something free?  Here, have a Batman or Wonder Woman print.  No obligation, but if you’d like an original page take one of those too–and if you would like to make a donation or tip me, that’s up to you.”

It worked.  Some people were just darned generous.  Other people were impressed that I was giving stuff away and stuck around to buy some of the stuff I was putting a price on. 

My brother, Jay, has been telling me that this is the new Silicon Valley business model:  Give the software away, sell the t-shirt.  I didn’t have any tee shirts, but I probably could have sold those.

The show did have some tee-shirts with my art on them, and they did sell a number of those to fans.  Enough that they’ve asked me to do next year’s design as well.  So I have to figure out how to top this year’s design for impact.  

Met a lot of other nice people there as well.  Hope you all had a great time.  Looking forward to seeing you in 2015!

I also was witness to the most amazing feat of athletic prowess I’ve ever seen this past weekend.  I went to dinner at Steak ‘n’ Shake out in Turkey Creek where I saw their fry cook cook 600 patties in under 30 minutes.  There was a huge rush when I got there and since I was alone got seated at the counter directly in view of this amazing feat.  Dinner and a show!  Worth every penny.

After returning home I had to do taxes.  So Monday was the day for that.  It went amazingly quickly using TurboTax online.  I’m not being paid to advertise them, but it was so easy and I ended up getting a nice refund from both Federal and State in spite of having to pay some penalties for early withdrawal from IRAs last year.  TT found out that we were allowed to take off some of those penalties because we’d used part of the money to pay for medical bills!  I would never have found that exception in a million years.  So, yes, I’m recommending TurboTax to everyone I know.  The thing ran beautifully and I’m done a day earlier than I expected.

Things are looking good.  A smiling Providence after months of hard living.


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