Cartoon and Illustration

Switching Horses in mid-stream

I’m going to Marble City Comic Con tomorrow.  Knoxville look out!

In the meantime, big news is that I have managed to secure (by the grace of God alone) a new assignment that will pay well enough that I can take time off from the project I WAS working on, go to Reubens Award weekend at the end of May, and still get the bills paid…

Provided that I can turn around all the pages I need to in quick order.  Which means today was spent making sure the last five pages of one issue were posed and ready to pencil while I’m at Marble City Comic Con this weekend.  I’ve got five pages on the drawing board right now–trying to get as much moved along as I can before leaving.  Taking along the portable light table to use–if I can find a plug in at the convention center, or in my hotel room when the day is done.

Feeling like an old pro now.

Oh, and somewhere in there I need to do my taxes.  Repeal the 16th Amendment!


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