Cartoon and Illustration

Busy little bee…

It has been one crazy weekend!

As mentioned previously in this space, I had a gallery reception on Friday night.  While the crowds were thin, there was good artist camaraderie with the likes of Jesse Clay, Jon Houglum, and show organizer Dominick DePaulo (also Mrs. Taylor, my older brother’s 2nd grade teacher).  Anyway, we all stood around and complimented one another’s work.  I’ll likely be auditing one of Jon’s oil painting classes later this year, just to pick up on some of his awesome technique.  This is what artists do, folks.  We look at the other guy’s work and get inspired–that’s a party for us.

Then Saturday I had to go to Knoxville.  Shane Harris (ShaneHai) came along for the ride and moral support as Karin had to stay here and teach all day.  We got there on time in spite of a huge traffic jam near Lake Dandridge, TN where they’ve been rebuilding the bridge across that lake, cutting I-40 down to one lane in each direction.  Hope they get that fixed soon.  

Had a great time with Bob Longmire (who organized), Charlie and Patsy Daniel, Tim Olphant, and all the rest (about a dozen) of the cartoonists who showed up for this kick off of the new Knoxville Cartoonists sub-group of the SECNCS.  Also, met (or re-met) Chris West brother of Scott West–twin brothers who are both amazingly talented illustrators!  I’ve been hanging around with Scott for some time but forgot that he HAD a twin and so thought Chris was putting me on.  It really was like some situation comedy where the guy puts on glasses and pretends to be his own twin.  I’m sure once I know them both better it will be more apparent how they differ, but for a moment or two it took some getting used to.  However, I’m telling you now–be on the look out for Chris West’s “Kismet” graphic novel.  When he gets it done you will all want a copy.

But the meeting had to end–too early for most, and the security guard at the library was very patient though he really wanted to get the place locked up.

Back home to prepare for Sunday.

Up at 7 am to hide Easter Eggs for Karin’s early Egg Hunt / Monkey party that afternoon.  Then cleaned up and off to Sunday School and Church, then back to prepare snacks for everyone arriving at 2.  The party was fun with something like 25 people (many kids) participating in the hunt for something like 484 eggs filled with candy (what are we Biltmore House?) followed by a visit from Sunshine Monkeyshines and 3 real monkeys and a pigmy marmoset.  Wild stuff and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, but the clean up went well into the evening.

This morning I was up for a dentist appointment to have my second permanent crown installed.  Didn’t hurt much at all and it’s a much better crown than just two years ago.  Dr. Skip (no seriously, that’s what we call him) tells me that in just a few weeks they’re going to go to a one visit crown procedure wherein they will make a 3-D scan of the tooth and a machine in the back will mill the new crown out of zirconia.  No more temporary crowns!  All in a single visit.

The rest of the day has been occupied with sending out emails and contracts.  Which is much less boring than it sounds when one realizes that the contracts will lead to money coming in.

Oh, and I’m firming up plans to go to San Diego for the Annual Reubens Awards Convention wherein the cartoonist community has their equivalent of the Oscars.  “Weird Al” Yankovic is going to be honored with an A.C.E. (Amateur Cartoonist Extraordinaire) Award as he once aspired to work for MAD Magazine before becoming a multi-Grammy award winner.  My “travel agent” Vicky Smart is busy even now wrangling airline tickets for the event, while I arrange enough work to pay the way out, get a tux, pay for hotel, food, visit to the SD Zoo, etc.

Somewhere in there I need to draw some stuff.  So why am I sitting here writing this?



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