Cartoon and Illustration

Musing on a Cold

So I’ve got this cold.  At first it seemed like a minor thing, then yesterday it knocked me off my feet most of the day.  All I could manage to do was come in long enough to check my e-mails and see if anyone was screaming for their projects.  Nobody was, so I went home to bed and slept most of the day and then the night as well.  In between I was stuffing my face.

All this has me wondering why more people don’t want to get colds.

It strikes me as having all the effects of getting drunk and or high on something.

You get dehydrated.  You want to sleep–in fact can’t stop sleeping.  You get the munchies.  You get very sentimental (caught myself today telling my wife, “You’re so good to me.  Why are you so nice to me all the time?”) When you aren’t eating, sleeping, or eating you’re going to the bathroom or blowing your nose.

Isn’t that pretty much like the so called “High Life”?

Yet you never hear the following on a Friday evening:  “So, what are you going to do tonight?”  “Me?  I’m gonna go down to the Emergency Room and see if I can pick me up a COLD!  Maybe I’ll catch the FLU!”

Seriously, same difference.  So why does everyone run off to a bar on Friday, but nobody wants to catch a Cold?


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