Cartoon and Illustration


Short post today. I’ve been humming the Genesis song, “Must be some misunderstanding” all weekend, but then came to the realization of what the very word “understanding” itself means.

To have an “under-standing” does not merely mean that one can see where the other person is coming from, but rather it means that the two have a mutual foundation. Think about it–what is Standing Under any idea is the UnderStanding. Like bedrock, foundation, pillars–holding up the rest of the idea.

So, it’s okay to say, “No, I DON’T understand,” and even to say, “I will not make an effort to understand,” as many concepts we are presented with in this world defy understanding. My core beliefs are NOT compatible with the supposed wisdom of this world.

This doesn’t mean I shouldn’t make an effort to care, or that I shouldn’t love others–but when faced with a wrong concept of what makes the universe tick. Sorry, I don’t understand and will not be forced to pretend. What stands under my beliefs is not the same as what stands under many others’ beliefs.

I will stand for what is right–kill me if you must–my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, will sustain me and give me greater life beyond this mortal flesh.


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