Cartoon and Illustration

San Diego Comic-Con registration

Wow, this year I feel like an “old  pro”.  I registered as a pro with San Diego Comic-Con just moments ago.  Registration began at 1 pm EST (11 am PST) and I’m done at 1:12!  Hooray!  Now I need to find out if I can dig up a roommate to split hotel, afford a flight out, and arrange to be away.  But those are all just details.

I’ve been working on my latest project.  “Working” is not a strong enough word–“Laboring” might fit.  I’ve been pounding away at the first two pages of pencils for several days now–and it’s just difficult to get over that hump sometimes.

I’ve also been talking to people about my increasing number of convention appearances this year.  Trying to make sure that all the shows I’ve been discussing appearances with are actually confirmed, and trying to find ways to pay for the expenses that are part of the process.  I was thinking that my first show of 2014 was going to be in Mid-April (Marble City Con, Knoxville).  But in the past couple of weeks I’ve realized that I’ve got to go to Middle Georgia Con and Koku-Manga in March (not to mention the NCS jury event in March–which isn’t a convention as such, but feels kind of like one in that I have to make travel arrangements, etc.)

Anyway, a lot to do between now and then.

Better go look for a roomie for San Diego.



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