Cartoon and Illustration

What I’ve been doing since January 1

Okay, this isn’t bragging and I don’t make “New Years Resolutions”–but I have been trying to keep up a bit more “real” schedule lately.

Which means since the first of the year I have drawn and colored a complete promotional piece for Marble City Comic-Con (to be held in Knoxville this April).  Then I did a completely different piece because they didn’t like the first one.  No problem.  I’m getting a good trade off for the work.  Thanks guys.

Then I inked more pages for “The Other Dead”.  This time for issue #6.  So look for my work in issue 5 and 6.  Hopefully more to come.

Then began working on a new illustration for a book that’s been in process for a number of years now.  Got to finish that one soon.  

Took a “quick illustration” job of a character called Darna (Filipino Superheroine) for a guy in Malaysia!  Finished that the next day.  He wants more, and is planning to commission another in a week or so.  Well, so he says–I don’t doubt his intent, but sometimes things don’t go as planned–but I got paid for number one.  We will see what’s in store from that as time goes on.

Got the go-ahead on a tee-shirt job that I thumbnailed months ago.  They needed it practically overnight–and I delivered!  Pretty good looking too.  That one was brokered by my best buddy, Joel.  He’ll be finishing up the type and color separations and delivering it.  So I know it’s going to look good.

Then finally got to work on what will likely be my major job for the year.  I can’t go into much detail, but it’s a 100 page Graphic Novel.  I’ve got 9 months to complete it, but hope to get it done a lot quicker.  Anyway, I banged out the thumbnails for the first chapter in the past two days.

In between all of this I’ve been keeping up my duties as Chairman of the Southeast Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society.  We’re planning our upcoming NCS Division Awards Jury event coming up the First of March.  Our chapter is jurying the Newspaper Comic Strip Division this year!  Very excited about that–but can’t go into a lot of detail, because we have to keep a certain level of security and aren’t supposed to discuss the process publicly.

You can tell things are getting good when people are wanting you NOT to talk about what you’re doing.

Oh, and I’ve also been writing a book–kind of in-between other things.  It’s going kind of slow actually, but I hope to get over the initial hump soon.  Right now it’s kind of “free-writing”, but the book is supposed to be about creating comic characters.  Should be interesting.

And I’m also learning how to sing and play the rhythm guitar for “Showdown” (by ELO) at the same time.  Not ready to do it in public yet.  But getting there.  Jeff Lynne, I salute you!


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