Cartoon and Illustration

Trail Blazers–trail followers

So I’ve heard it said that older siblings are trail blazers.  I don’t think I really understood that until today.

I am not an older sibling.  I am the baby of the family, and I married the baby of another family (I know that statistically this paring was supposed to be problematic, but we’re the exception to the rule).

So when it comes to being a leader it’s kind of weird for me.  I don’t just make decisions, I gather information and opinions before making most any move.

Let’s face it the most trail blazing moment of my growing up was deciding that I liked New Wave better than Country Rock, and that probably still baffles my brothers.  Sorry guys–I had to rebel a little didn’t I?

No, for most of my life I’ve been going where my brothers have already tread–or alternately avoiding things that tripped them up.  Either way it has been a life of observing and following.

Today though my wife asked me to give her some advice that she could pass along to someone older in a position of authority.  Boy did I feel out of place!  It’s not that I think my position is wrong.  Nor did I think that what I had to offer is in any way confrontational–it’s simply offered as advice.  But I’m not used to giving advice to people who are older than me, particularly when I have always viewed them with a type of awe and reverence.

But I’m 50 now.  There are a lot of people younger than me that I have given advice to.  But because of my familial situation I imagine that my advice often comes off as wishy-washy to them.  My notes of advice often have statements in them like:  “…on the other hand…” and “…just my opinion, you understand…”

Well, that’s all I wanted to say today.  Just stunned by a moment when I was asked to advise someone older than me, someone in a position of authority.  Now I’ll have to see how the whole thing turns out.


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