Cartoon and Illustration

Holiday scribbling

whiteboardxp72So yesterday I was waiting for my brother and his family to come back from a trip to Biltmore House (not far from where I live–about 45 minutes actually) and I got to scribbling on a white board that I’d left at the house.  We’d held a party on Saturday and a lot of kids were there playing with said board.  They’d gotten to spraying window cleaner on it and watching the images they’d drawn melt away.  That gave me a great idea.

I began experimenting with whiteboard using multiple layers of color with some splatter of window cleaner between applications.  Here’s the result.  It’s perhaps not great art, but I’m pleased with taking the medium to a new level for me.

I’ve been mostly frustrated by whiteboard as a medium and wondered how some people managed to get anything of worth on the things.  Now I’ve got a working method for making better whiteboard art.


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