Cartoon and Illustration

Merry Christmas to all!

Just posting a short note today as I’ve still got prepping to do for Christmas (as do so many others out there, I’m sure).

But didn’t want the day to go by without sending out a Christmas greeting.



Been using this same graphic several times this year, because there has just been so much to do.  So I originally used it on a poster for Gypsy Bandwagon’s performance at Classic Wineseller–a shop in our home town that has been very good to us as a band.  While we didn’t have the number of attendees that we have had on Saint Patrick’s Day, or July 4th, the crowd we did have were very generous and tipped us well.  The poster included similar images of our cohorts, Lance and Carissa Moore.

Then I used the graphic of Karin and myself to announce a party we were having for my cartooning buddies on December 21.  Lance sent a number of funny e-mails saying that Gypsy Bandwagon was going to sue for copyright infringement.  I sent back several “counter-suits” and they showed up at the party anyway 😉

Now I’m using the graphic for today’s greeting.  I don’t want any of my fellow Christians to think I’m trying to go all secular by the use of the elf graphic.  These things just hit me from time to time, and I have to go with inspiration as it is supplied.  This year it was elves.  But I do wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope that they do recall that the prime importance of this season is as a reminder that God took on the form of humanity in order to save His people from the curse of sin.

Keep in mind that even though we celebrate this season (in all manner of forms, some more proper than others) that in a way we’re celebrating Christ’s humiliation.  He was simply humbled by being tortured and killed on a cross 30 some years after his glorious birth–He was, in fact, in the process of dying from the moment of his conception.  He was born to die in the place of lost sinners.

And a lot of people have made a huge deal out of the sign in the heavens, trying to discern if it was a comet, a supernova, etc.  But the real sign that Jesus Christ was exactly who He claimed to be is that He rose from the dead.

One really can’t separate Christmas from the Resurrection.  Oh, we humans try–oh, how we try.  But it can’t be done.

So, a Merry Christmas to all.  That is, I hope the knowledge that God loves you so much that He was willing to take on this humiliation for the sake of your possible salvation brings you joy and peace.

Presents under the tree are nice, but the greatest present of all was hung on a tree to die, and then rose again.


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