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Knoxville Notes–part 2

Okay, so did I mention that Charlie Daniel drove me all over Knoxville during my visit there last week?  Did I also mention that Charlie knows everyone in Knoxville?  The photos here are of me and Charlie on “Live at Five at Four” last Thursday (October 24, 2013), just in case nobody believes I was on TV–here’s proof.Image

These photos were actually taken off the TV screen by Charlie’s wife and daughter who were miles away, so that’s double proof that not only was I in a TV studio, people actually saw it going out over the air.  We followed a local fireman who was making firehouse chili, and the local TV doctor (Doctor Bob) telling folks about the pitfalls of using decongestants.  Of course Charlie knew Doctor Bob, and the two exchanged warm pleasantries as he finished up his segment and we awaited our own. (Forgot to mention that in the last segment).

The next morning I was up at 6:30 for our radio interview at Star 102.1 during the Mark and Kim show.  I should have taken my camera, but let’s face it–up at 6:30?  I’m a late night type.  I was in the studio until 11:30 last night.  I need one of those tee-shirts that says, “I don’t DO mornings!”  But for the sake of publicizing the event I was up at 6:30.  Had a hearty first breakfast of prunes and ginseng tea in my room.

Yes, I’ll admit it now that I’m 50.  I am a prune guy.  I actually started taking prunes a few years back and the results have been positive.  Picked this habit up from my father-in-law.  And considering I take a number of vitamin supplements every morning, I need something on my stomach before heading out into the world.  So prunes it was.  Got showered and shaved and met Charlie downstairs and was whisked off to the interview with Mark and Kim.  We listened to the broadcast in the car on the way over, then sat in the parking lot waiting for someone to let us in the building in time for our 8 am interview.

Eventually they did let us in and we sat in the “business” area of the station for a few minutes before Kim came out and introduced herself…to me…she already knew Charlie, of course.  Went inside to meet Mark…me that is…Charlie knew him already.  Everyone oohed and ahhed over my “radio voice” and told me I sounded just like their weather guy.  So if my drawing arm ever goes, I guess I can take up radio announcing.

Again, being frank here, I don’t recall much of what specifically I said on the air.  Apparently it was all cool because no summons from the FCC have appeared.  Generally we did get to promote our visit to the Children’s Hospital and the events on Saturday.  Mark and Kim are big supporters of East Tennessee Children’s Hospital and so that’s mostly what they wanted to talk about–and so we did.

When we were done Charlie and I got back in his car, and he drove me to Hardee’s for a sausage biscuit and milk.  We listened to Mark and Kim on the way out and found out that Kim was going to be going on hiatus after that shift to undergo treatments for cancer.  I had no idea about that–but then again, I think most of the listening audience had no idea either, prior to that point.  But it only made our plans to visit Children’s Hospital all the more important–not that Kim was going to be at ETCH, but the importance of these types of visits were made more clear.

Charlie dropped me off at the Crowne Plaza again so he could go do his “doodle for the day” at Knoxville News-Sentinel.  I would have liked to have taken a nap, but was too awake–and also knew I’d end up with hair that looked like Gumby’s head if I did that.  So I sat up and did some doodles of my own.

Knowing I was supposed to be doing a cartoon for the Sunday paper, I did one of Muggzy the Penguin contemplating the Sun Sphere.  Unfortunately with the awesome view I had from my room (1009) in the Crowne Plaza–I’m sorry to say that I could NOT see the Sun Sphere from there.  It’s the one landmark that’s actually blocked from view!  (Thanks a lot TVA towers!).  So I faked the Sun Sphere–and it showed in my cartoon.

Then about 11:00 I decided to go get some lunch.  Knowing that many of our group would be looking for lunch (in all the wrong places) I decided to visit Market Square and see what was available.  After walking around the square for a few minutes I finally decided on “Soccer Taco”.  A good choice on Friday before noon, as they had plenty of space and I got a booth by my self.  Had the Taco Salad and a big glass of lemonade.  In and out in less than 30 minutes.

Went back to CP and met Charlie at 12:30.  Told him that we’d have to paint checkers on his car if this kept up.

From there we went to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital…




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