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What I do when I’m not doing other stuff…

So people keep telling me I don’t post enough of my artwork here.  Okay, fair enough.  But I’m awfully busy–besides putting together my own event coming up on October 6, I’ve got to do a bunch of drawings for Airship 27 Productions, prepare for Asheville Comics Expo (ACE) next weekend, AND I’ve been putting together a massive meeting of the Southeast Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society for the end of October.

It’s a lot of work.  So who has time to post.  Not me.  I should be doing other things.  But this is important, so here I go.


Artwork copyright Mike Lynch.


Our keynote speaker on Saturday, Oct. 26 will be none other than the heavily published (boy, is HE published) Mike Lynch.  Cartoonist for Barron’s, Brandweek, Chronicle of Higher Education, First for Women, The Funny Times, Harvard Business Review, The New York Daily News, Playboy, Prospect, Punch, Reader’s Digest, The Spectator, The Wall Street Journal–the list goes on, but I’m already tired of typing it.


Mike is the NCS National Representative  (oops, just been informed that he WAS the National Representative–Oh, well–people still keep sending Steve Haynie dues checks and he’s been retired as our Treasurer for 3 years), and a darned swell guy (who offered to come down and talk to us for the price of a room).  And as you may be able to discern from the abbreviated resume above, he knows a thing or two about getting published.


 He’ll be our headliner for the event with plenty of advice for all the rest of us on how to make work and sell it in this new



The day’s schedule will also include a talk from Bill Holbrook, who hails from our chapter and also manages to turn out a lot of material –writing and drawing three (count ’em 3) daily comic strips!  Seems like Safe Havens has been running in newspapers so long that those kids who started out in pre-school are now looking at brochures for retirement centers! Kevin and Kell has helped make the world a safer place for carnivorous bunnies, veggie loving wolves, and technophobes alike.  And On The Fastrack has been giving the corporate ladder a goth makeover in recent years, keeping it fresh in spite of its looming 30th year in the funnies!


Bill will be sharing Dethany in Virtu/Noir:  A Story App in Progress.


Dethany in Virtu/Noir is a story app for tablet computers, in which the reader guides Dethany of the On the Fastrack comic strip through a detective’s murder investigation set in cyberspace.  It is a participatory experience, as choices are made that determine the direction of the plot. The text is written by Bill’s wife, Teri Holbrook, a mystery writer who has had four novels published by Bantam Books and has been nominated for Edgar and Agatha Awards.  Bill will be explaining the process of creating this New Media project, with a Question and Answer period to follow.
Moving on from there we have another SECNCS member, our own Greg Cravens.  No slouch for output himself, Greg writes and draws The Buckets for daily newspaper syndication, as well as writing and drawing his own web comic HUBRIS.  When he’s not doing those jobs he’s busy creating more advertising art than you can shake a tee-square at (if anyone still has a tee-square besides me).
Greg will be offering the group a program called Baby Steps From Paper to Pixels.
This will show folks how to transition from traditional tools to the high-tech tools of the 21st Century.  Greg tells me there is no reason for anyone to be frightened–it will be low-impact.
Finally, yet another SECNCS member, John Lotshaw who knows things from both sides of the publishing game–publishing his own comic Accidental Centaurs, while also helping many other comics creators get their own work into various formats.  

John will be talking to us about how Advances in technology have made it easier than ever for cartoonists become their own publisher. In this presentation, you will learn not only how to prepare your material for publication, but also how to get your work printed and sold.

So, if you’re in the Knoxville area and a cartoonist, a wanna-be cartoonist, just like cartoons (or would just like someplace to kill the day on October 26) please feel free to join us.  We’ll be in Salon A of the Crowne Plaza, Knoxville–and we won’t charge you a penny to see what’s going on.

We will, however, also be holding a silent auction of cartoon originals (etc.) with money from that event going to benefit the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, as well as smaller portions to the NCS Milt Gross Fund, and the SECNCS.




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