Cartoon and Illustration

Lest I forget–Cartoon Art Appreciation Day is Saturday

In all the excitement leading up to San Diego Comic-Con (yes, I’m at the point of excitement now, having passed the point of total panic) I almost forgot to mention that this coming Saturday from Noon-2 pm, I’ll be appearing at the Barnes & Noble at Asheville Mall (Tunnel Road, Asheville, NC).

This will be for the first annual Cartoon Art Appreciation Day–which was actually brokered by my fellow cartoonist, Jack “Cass” Cassady.  Cass was going to be signing copies of his new book “The Best of Monday Funnies and More” at the aforementioned B&N.  He could have kept the event to himself, but decided to see if the folks there would be interested in a slightly bigger show and next thing you know, Matt Ebisch, Vicky Smart, Brian Vasilik, Michael Cole, Shane Harris, Phil Hawkins, and I were all on the bill.

So, we’ll be out at B&N on Saturday doing free sketches and such for folks while Cass signs copies of his book.  It should be interesting.  I’m hoping it’s a big hit and we’ll be back in 2014 to do it again.

Of course that all depends on you, the public, showing up for this event.


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