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DoorMan goes live this week (choose your portal)

DoorMan is back (as previously indicated) at

But Mike Leonard has been busy, busy, busy, mirroring the content of DM at some of the most popular web-comic sites.

Such as Comic Fury

Also Smack Jeeves

And Drunk Duck (a.k.a. “The Duck”)

So it seems that you can choose many portals to see the content of DoorMan in digital form.  We welcome you to do so, and hopefully tell your friends.


2 thoughts on “DoorMan goes live this week (choose your portal)

  1. Cris says:

    Hasn’t Doorman been around awhile? Somewhere I have one of your comics. I thought this might be it… Gratz on bringing him to the Internet. The artwork is great…

  2. Cris, Yes DoorMan (or “DM” as we call him) has been around for some time. 20 years, in fact–as his first issue debuted in the summer of 1993! But Mike Leonard and I have held on to the rights all these years and are hoping to make a big splash with the character in various forms of electronic delivery (which is all the rage right now). With something over 150 pages of story completed during the 90s we’re hoping that introducing him to a new audience will result in us actually getting paid this time around.

    Well, we were paid some during DM’s initial run. As I recall I got around $2000 for the first issue from Cult Press, and maybe $600-800 total for the run at Caliber Comics. Still, it wasn’t enough to live on, even then.

    But by re-introducing DM we’re hoping to recoup some of our losses from back then and maybe even come up with money to continue the stories where we left off. Be praying for us, and if you have a few hundred thousand friends out there who like well written, well drawn comics tell them about us and maybe we can make it happen!

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