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A Good Friday to you

While I normally reserve this blog for items about my career, it seems appropriate on this day that commemorates a portion of the most amazing event in history that I talk about that a little.

I did a lot of thinking about this last night (couldn’t sleep due to various reasons, so there was plenty of time for thinking).

Mostly I thought about Good Friday and what is meant by that.

When I was a child I recall asking my Mother why we called it “Good” Friday when it’s the day Jesus was crucified.  I can’t recall her exact words, but they were to the effect that He died for us.

If you didn’t know, that’s the heart of the Gospel that we Christians are always going on about.  Our apologies for not making that clear.

And when we talk about being “saved” we mean that we have been saved from the consequences of sin–that is, ultimately, death, the grave, and eternal punishment in Hell.

I know such things as death, and Hell aren’t necessarily popular subjects.  They get used in conversations a LOT, but nobody really wants to talk about them.

Sin is in a similar place in our culture.  Everyone wants to define whatever they don’t like as a sin, but nobody much wants to be accused of sinning.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I am a sinner.  Not “Whoo-HOO! I’m a Sinner!” No, I mean a sinner who deserves to go to Hell.  (I won’t go into details here, as we’ve all got things that we’re ashamed of and I’m no different).

The point is, I’m not going to Hell.  Jesus paid that price for me (and all His people) by taking the penalty I deserve on Himself.  He died willingly on a cross–on a Friday during Passover, around two thousand years ago–then on the following Sunday morning rose from the dead to prove He had paid the penalty.

A lot of people will say; “You can’t prove any of that!”

I can’t prove the Grand Canyon is anything other than a hole in the ground.  But having been there, I can tell you as a reliable witness that it is well worth visiting.

A lot of other people have been to Grand Canyon and say the same thing.  Just so a lot of people have received the saving that Jesus has freely offered, and can witness to the fact that it’s really true.  (And I should point out that a lot of otherwise hostile witnesses have corroborated the facts as well).

Whether you believe it or not does not change the facts.

Sorry if that last line sounds harsh, but some people are going to believe and some aren’t.  The Bible teaches that, and having seen so much of the other stuff taught in the Bible played out in my life I’m not willing to discount any of what it contains.

Anyway, on this day when we commemorate the ultimate sacrifice–that of the Creator of the Universe taking on the penalty for the sins of His people–it just seemed like a good time to remind people of these things.

So I wish you a Good Friday, and a Happy Resurrection Day.  I hope you hold these truths as well, but if not now–someday I pray you will.


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