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No, she’s not my dreamgirl–not in that sense.  But then again, I did help create her back about 14 years ago, Michael Leonard and I were working up some other Vertigo-esque type comics properties and we came up with this one (I’m not too proud to admit that DoorMan was compared to Sandman–in fact I’m flattered).

I’ve shown her around a bit in the years since, because I’m very pleased with how this artwork came out.  But in the past couple of weeks Mike and I have been revisiting the property, and it looks like we’ll be doing something with it.  On the advice of some marketing guru friends (okay, Matt Mulder) I thought I’d post Dreamgirl here and show off the new artwork I’ve done for her tank top “insignia”.

Keep in mind that the Dreamgirl property is something I co-own with Michael A. Leonard.  But hopefully this will catch a few eyes and whet some appetites for what the two of us will be coming out with in the near future.

We will probably be moving in a slightly different direction with this character than trying to take on another comic book / graphic novel at the moment.  We’re looking more at illustrated teen fiction–but she’s a prime candidate for that out of all the stuff we’ve created.

And Mike, sorry if I’m scooping you here.  We do need to be generating some buzz, right?



Artwork (and all distinctive designs included herein) copyright © James E. Lyle.  All rights reserved.  Dreamgirl property is co-owned by Michael A. Leonard and James E. Lyle.Image


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