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Short post (I hope)

So a week since my official inauguration as SECNCS chairman and I’ve been doing a lot of typing.  Seems that being Vice-Chair hardly prepared me for the work load of Chair.  Lots of stuff in the works (most of which is probably left unsaid at the moment, because it’s not all signed and sealed yet).

But things are progressing–slowly but surely–with a very conservative approach toward our group’s budget.

The point is, that there’s a lot of work to be done just running an organization that has around 80 people associated with it.  Surprising that–I don’t know why, it just is surprising.

In the meantime, my buddy Mike Leonard has got me tapped for no less than three projects–and I’ve got him tapped for at least one going back the other way. (Touché).

My game design job just came back and I’ve got to make nearly complete revisions to the work I was doing last week.  (The publishing company in China sent the wrong format for the game-board and so I was working in the wrong size.  Now that’s fixed, but all the files had to be enlarged, so that means resampling so they won’t look pixelated).

I’ve got my painting set up now.  The projector is here, my transparency is here, I’ve got the paints and brushes here.  The only problems:  I’ve got too much on my desk right now to get over to that part of the studio, and with the weather still being cold it’s hard to keep the studio above 60°–not a good idea to work in Acrylic at less than 50°. I found that out years ago.

So it may be just as well that I can’t get to the painting until spring arrives properly.  There’s no point in painting something that’s going to flake off the canvas because the studio is too cold.

I also have another commercial client that I expect is going to hitting me with a rush job any minute now.  So I’d better get the game board done.



3 thoughts on “Short post (I hope)

  1. Cris says:

    Woot! Doncha just love it when it’s too busy? It’s truly a blessing that you have so much work that you love, James. I look forward to seeing it in the near future.

  2. Debbie Bernhard Rivers says:

    Just know, you and Karin have been in our thoughts and prayers especially this week! Hope to see you out Sunday, really miss you two! God bless and STAND TALL ON HIS WORD!!

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