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What to post

I’m at a loss about what to post.  I’ve begun a few posts recently dealing with things going on in my life–only to realize that they are much too personal to present to the public at large (or much too controversial, or both too personal and too controversial).

So I haven’t been posting much.

Sorry about that.

I am still dealing with trying to keep a decent work schedule and trying to get over the remaining symptoms of the flu bug I caught a full month ago.

In the meantime, let me see.  Maybe I’ll post a picture.  I do draw you know.

Okay, so below is an advertisement I’m going to run soon in a comics trade magazine that’s starting up.  It kind of sums up my attitude about comics as a livelihood–plant as many seeds as you can and in ten years or so they may produce a yield of some sort.

Artwork by James E. Lyle.  Mr. Jigsaw © Ron Fortier, used by permission.  Game of Horror © Shane Berryhill, used by permission.  All other images © James E. LyleImage



2 thoughts on “What to post

    • Thanks Chris. I actually did a lot of work to produce it–the images are taken from several sources and so I had to clear the rights with everyone. I also did the proper thing and ran it by a few advertising type friends before settling on the copy. Karin was also involved–but mostly she keeps telling the the main image of Mr. Jigsaw fighting the octopus is “creepy” (probably because she was actually attacked by an octopus while swimming in Yugoslavia during her teens). But in this case I’ll take “creepy”–if it gets some attention without being gratuitous then all the better.

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