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Small thank you to Comic-Con

Just a small addendum to yesterday’s comments about San Diego Comic-Con.  Today I was happy to receive a well-worded and informative response to my inquiries about getting a complimentary pass to Comic-Con.

I was pleased to let the representative know that I had actually secured a complimentary pass during the interim between initially contacting them and their response.  I don’t know whether this was because of  my original misunderstanding or Divine Providence stepping in (or a little of both), but the task was completed.

But it was nice to hear from them.  The representative that responded, Chris, was kind enough to follow up with a congratulations and hopefully we’ll meet up when I attend the show in July.

So they are making an effort to be more friendly and informative already.  Thank you Comic-Con.  May you continue to be all of that and more.

As someone has said, “all’s well that ends well.”


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