Cartoon and Illustration

A little promotion goes a long way!

I mentioned my little notice in the local papers.  I’m not sure that these were all that’s involved in the deluge of other things that have happened in the past couple of days, but they certainly didn’t hurt.

First off, got a commission from an old patron.  It’s not that much in financial terms, but considering I’m returning to creating art for someone who bought one of my very first pieces back in my school days–it’s a real kick.

Then the folks at Swain Center for the Arts (who were behind the publicity I received  locally) have asked me to come back for a full gallery show–and they want “my” band, Gypsy Bandwagon, to provide the music for the reception.  That will be in October, Lord willing (there are probably still some papers to sign, and I’m going to have to stretch myself to get 30 pieces framed and cataloged by then–but it’s a go deal).

Then I got word that Game of Horror (which has been stalled for financial reasons) is suddenly back on the radar with two publishers that I’d given up on months ago.  I guess I was just being cynical.

At almost the same time I got contacted by a freelance writer who’s worked for several big companies and who’d like to talk about future projects–so he may be helpful in getting connected at those publishers.

Got the annual National Cartoonists Society division awards notice and it’s a relief to know that the Southeast chapter appears to be on a “skip” year for judging.  So this means I won’t have to arrange for a weekend in February to get the gang together to judge.  It’s a huge honor to do so, but for the past several years it’s been up to me to make the arrangements and it can be hectic.

But I actually have a piece I can submit to one of the categories this year!  And so I’ll be doing that soon.

In the past couple of days I finally realized that I had access to a piece of equipment I need to project an image onto a large canvas!  I’ve been pondering how to proceed on that for nearly two years.  So hopefully that canvas will be done in time to be the centerpiece of my gallery show.

I also just agreed in principle to doing artwork for a board game, and simply need to work out the contract details on that.

So it would seem I’m pretty busy all of a sudden.  Now the trick is to turn all of this into an income stream.  Not that I’m all about money, but with bills to pay, dentist appointment tomorrow, and taxes due next week–money is fairly important to achieving my short term goals of not starving or dying of exposure.



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