Cartoon and Illustration

Yow! Am I overexposed yet?

I did this program on comics and graphic novels for a local arts group last night.  While those in attendance were perhaps few,  the local press seems to have taken the story and run with it.  I keep getting people telling me that they saw me in the paper–students of my wife, people from our church, etc.  Seems that nearly all the local papers picked up the story.

Which brings up the subject of fame.

I’m not particularly interested in fame in and of itself.  That’s not say that it’s not flattering to have people ask for an autograph–but as for fame itself, let’s just say I can see how misleading it can be.

So what’s it good for?  Hopefully it’s good for promoting my abilities as an artist.  I’m interested in it to the point that it provides me with the ability to do the kind of work I want to do and be able to pay the bills.

This past week has been a good bit of sweating bills: county taxes, federal self-employment taxes are coming up, and we have phone bills, power bills, medical bills and many other debts to pay.

If my debts went away and I could get hired to do the sort of jobs I love without any sort of promotional considerations, then there wouldn’t be much point in the thing called “fame”.

However, the program went well last night and I’ve been asked if I’d like to do a retrospective show of my works at the same venue (Swain County Center for the Arts) and maybe have my band play there.  This is the sort of fame that I like–the kind that opens doors to more opportunities.

As my resolution for the New Year is to do everything I can to make a better living (as long as it’s not immoral or illegal), this sort of attention seems to be pointing in the right direction.  Just have to keep my head on straight and remember what fame is for (however localized it may be).


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