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Kind of quiet today…

Not much to say about today.  Been kind of quiet.  I was supposed to have a drum student come in, but his Dad has a bad case of flu and the family was warned not to spread it around.  So I’m here just updating blogs and planning to call it a day very soon.

I dreamt about my own Dad last night.  In the dream I was just doing stuff around the studio (in the same building we share with what used to be Dad’s dulcimer shop).  Cleaning up stuff.  I was in the process of using a DiscWasher to clean an incredibly huge LP of Electric Light Orchestra music, when Dad came driving in from a trip somewhere.  He was wearing his tan trench coat and what appeared to be a top hat–western style.  I figured he’d been traveling out west somewhere.  I asked how he’d been and he said the same to me–we obviously hadn’t seen each other in a while, so I gave him a hug (not something he was all that comfortable with, but it did happen now and again).

Then reality kicked in, and I woke up.  I wasn’t sad about it when I woke up, but it feels a little melancholy now.  I miss my Dad.  

I miss my Mom too, even though she’s still around her Alzheimers is taking a toll on what she used to be.  It’s almost like she’s gone already, yet she’s still here.

Anyway, not wanting to bum the world out.  Just thought I’d write a little, and this is where I ended up.

Hope everyone has a good New Year.


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