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Can’t report on much at the moment…which is fine.

I’m told that to succeed in this blogging thing that I should update my blog regularly enough to keep people’s interest, but not so often as to annoy them.

The problem at the moment is that I haven’t blogged in a number of days, but I’m busy working on many things that can’t be discussed.  So while I’m annoyed not to be able to go ahead and tell anyone who might care what I’m up to, at the same time I’m pleased with the various items on my to-do list that are shaping up nicely.

I will go so far as to mention that I am proceeding with my revisitation of Andrew Loomis.  My studies every evening when I get home are very likely fueling much of the creativity that I’m feeling when actually in the studio each day.  But I’m not ready to scan the sketchbook pages that have resulted–not yet.

I will also say that I’m cooking up some items with co-conspirator, Mike Leonard, that we’re both very pleased with.  We’re having fun taking on some of the “Big Guns” of various mythologies (both modern and not so modern).  Throwing them in a blender and seeing what results.  (Not unlike the “Car-tuner” that Joel and the ‘Bots once offered on the invention exchange of MST3K).

The results of these mental gymnastics will be available for public consumption sometime soon, I hope.  In the meantime, I’ve been asked to write a short article for a planned publication that will appeal to the indy comics crowd, so more on that in the future as well.

Now, I have to go work on the many items that need to be completed before I do my Christmas shopping.


One thought on “Can’t report on much at the moment…which is fine.

  1. I can and will give a little bit of a spolier . . . I proposed a creative ‘experiment’ to James where we examine and then reinterpet a number of comic book icons (and a few lesser-known personal favorites), and he graciously accepted. While this isn’t necessarily *new*, we’re hoping to ‘reboot’ these characters with an eye toward keeping many of the classic elements but finding a few key things to change and thus, give them an all-new spin that won’t make long-term fans of these characters roll their eyes and groan. You’ll have to keep an eye out here in the coming weeks.

    James showed me the first design sketch a couple days ago and it is *amazing*. I can’t wait for you guys and gals to see it — you’ll immediately recognize the character but it’s very much all-new and incredibly cool. I’m 100% certain some intrepid cosplayer will end up walking a con floor somewhere dressed like that, it’s *that* awesome (and I’m giving James all the credit on that one — we discussed some things in a very generalized manner but he really knocked out of the park with his own design sensibilities). If you’re looking to get into comics, I think this will be a great aid in how to create your own characters, both visually and conceptually, as we’ll be focusing on the topic of what makes a great and lasting character.

    If you’re a comics fan and you’re reading this, hit the follow button now, because you won’t be disappointed by at least the art half of the experiment.

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