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Thinking things through, pt. 2

So, as an addendum to that seemingly cryptic image of Superman viewing an empty Batman cape and cowl.  I’m really not that morbid–really.  I am simply still working through some things.  Right at the moment I’m working through some advice that has come to me from various sources–and which has also “come to a head”, so to speak.

The advice is that many of my artist friends have reached the conclusion that I have gone as far as I can with a particular technique I’ve been using.  I won’t go into details for a number of reasons.  One part is because they have mostly been kind to break this news to me gently.  The second is the impetus for them breaking this to me gently–the recognize my innate fear of being exposed as a huge phoney.

Whether such a fear is justified on my part is not the issue.  The fact that I have it is the issue.

Yes, it is possible to work for 30 years as a professional in a field and still live in fear of being exposed as a fake.  And so now I have to get myself back to work doing things in what feels, at the moment, like going back to square one.

The good news is that friends have assured me that I’m actually a good artist.  That they’ve seen my abilities as an artist and that they believe I’ll actually improve my work by changing my approach.  

But right now I’m caught in the quagmire of my own limitations and it’s throwing off my drawing ability in a big way.  I’m pretty sure that I’ll come out of this the better for having changed my approach.  So it’s back to Andrew Loomis’ instruction for this illustrator.  Time to put my nose in the books.  Maybe I’ll post some of the better studies here soon.


One thought on “Thinking things through, pt. 2

  1. Hey, I think that you will do great!

    I have seen you draw more amazing concepts in 2 hrs by hand (spaceships, actually) than I could think of in 2 weeks. I do think that in the past you had come to rely to much on the technique that you were using – not that it was at all bad, but I do think that it appeared somewhat stiffer and siphoned off a certain lyrical quality to your drawings that doing it the old-fashioned way certainly had.

    I love your stuff – but I still think the best stuff I have seen from you was your take on “Thunder Agents” – it was truly awesome.

    Your Pal,

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