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“Getting back on the horse”

So today I got a note from my frequent collaborator, Mike Leonard ( that I should really be doing more blogging.  Let’s face it, I got “blogged down” with my earlier posts.  I mean, when did I last post anything?  March 2010.  Wow.  That’s a long time.  Of course a lot has happened since then.  I’d be hard pressed to list it all.  I mean I could list it all, but right now is maybe not the time to do that.

The biggest event–the one around which all my procrastination has revolved for the past 15 months–is that my Dad passed away.  Since then life has seemed like one big game of catch-up.  I had no idea just how much of the weight of life my Dad was carrying, until he was no longer here.  My brothers and I are coping, but then we already had things to cope with, and then no more Dad.

All of which interferes with getting any work done in a number of ways.  Just maintaining the building that my studio is located in is a daunting task, and one which keeps me from being as creative as I might be.  Just keeping the cobwebs cleaned away is a job that keeps getting left undone!

It’s a good thing I’m not that scared of spiders.  That is to say, I wouldn’t lie down in a spot that was crawling with them, but if I run across one on occasion it’s not a big deal.

A little off the subject, really.

I’ve still been drawing comics and other stuff.  I’ve gotten a number of projects done this year.  My first children’s book illustration job:  Abraham’s Journey came out from Ambassador International earlier this year (; and as it has a Christmas theme will hopefully sell well in this season.

I also drew the first 22 page chapter of “Game of Horror”, a comic book / graphic novel, that’s presently stalled.  The preview was well received at Heroes Convention but then all the publishers we talked to just don’t have the means to pay a page rate to see the next 66 pages completed.  Which means author, Shane Berryhill, and I are running about trying to find alternative funding so that I can keep the lights on here at the studio while devoting my full time to the next three chapters.

In between these jobs I drew a lot of other stuff.  Three eBook covers, two for Shane Berryhill, another for Bear Hill.  (If those names sound coincidental don’t let it bother you–it doesn’t bother me, why should it bother you?).

I’ve also returned to the art of caricature, using my in an attempt to make some fast cash.  Well, actually I haven’t done this for cash yet.  My first cash event in over 7 years is this coming Friday evening.  Hopefully I’ll make some cash drawing caricatures at a shop called Twigs and Leaves, a gallery on Main Street in my home town of Waynesville, NC.

The next day will find me at Yama-Con in Pigeon Forge, TN. ( attempting to sell almost anything that’s not nailed down.

So what has this to do with blogging?  I don’t know.  I’m just trying this out again to see if I can post regularly.


3 thoughts on ““Getting back on the horse”

  1. Reblogged this on Public Domain and commented:
    This is my good friend and long-time collaborator (as well as DoorMan co-creator) Janes E. ‘Doodle’ Lyle’s blog, The Light of Day, which I kinda sorta convinced him to ressurect from the dead. There’s some great comics artwork to check out, so give it the thumbs-up if you like it. If everything works out, you’ll be seeing our names in conjunction a lot in 2013 and beyond. (Crosses fingers Mayans are wrong about this whole calendar thing . . .)

    — mal

  2. I caught this post on your friend’s reblog.

    Anyone comfortable enough to say ‘blogged down’ deserves at least some of my respect. Welcome back!

    I am sorry to hear about your father. Close, personal loss is something I am no stranger to. It’s a bitch, actually. Just have to work through it and keep your mind busy. Blogging might be a good way to do that, actually.

    • Tyler,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and the kind words about my loss. I’m getting more involved in this weblog thing it seems than ever before. In fact, I’m about up to my neck in it today. But I’ll save that for the blog itself. Thanks for the comments.

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