Cartoon and Illustration

The previous post is page 6 of the story “In the Day of Battle”.  Due to some strange queeb in the blog program it kept wanting to add to the caption below the picture.  I don’t know why!  So I gave up and this will be the comments for page 6 in a separate post.

This page falls short of the mark simply because I was trying to do a Paul Gulacy riff and it didn’t really work that well.  Having had the opportunity to work over Paul’s pencils you’d think I would have been able to emulate him better, but all I really got was a flicker of that “haunted eye” look that he does so remarkably.

I’ve recently reconnected with Paul (“Hi Paul!”), and found him to be an even nicer guy than he was back when I inked his “missing” THUNDER Agents story.  Wonder if anyone will ever print that?


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