Cartoon and Illustration

Artwork copyright © James E. Lyle

The art presented here is a second attempt at this page and I’m very pleased with the result.  I’d heard about the idea of discarding complete or nearly completed pages from friends at CrossGen, but had not been too keen on the idea myself.  But in this case I’d struggled with the original page for two days, knowing it was not right.  Finally discarding it and starting fresh.  The concept for this one is the same, but the composition is much better here.

The tone used for the sky is an actual piece of zip-a-tone shading film left over from my father-in-law’s studio.  He gave me a bunch of this stuff that had dried up adhesive on it.  So the application to this page required the use of spray mount and a bit of work with the rubber-cement pick up (or “goober” as it was once known in commercial art).  At this resolution you can’t see that it was a tone pattern made up of repeating dots in a hand-applied pattern.  This particular pattern was used a lot in The SPIRIT magazine when it was in black and white.  So it had a nostalgic feel for me.  As it is shown here it has the vague appearance of an “aqua-tint” used in print making.

The figures on this page are essentially cartoon portraits of the members of  the Christian band, Soul Embraced, at least as the membership stood at that time.


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